Having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived.  Allowing light to pass through so objects behind are seen. Easy to perceive or detect

For many years it was not OK for me to be transparent. I could transform my outer appearance to initially feel more attractive, thus following what the majority of my peers, TV and magazines said I should look like. But I knew deep down something inside of me wasn’t right.  I hid, I pretended, I used….

Pets have soothed my emptiness, dating back to when I was a tiny tot. Kittens, so playful and free! They excited and calmed my troubled little soul. Then I discovered dogs!  The fascinating way dogs communicated is incredible. Training and showing my first German Shepherd in an obedience show and even placing….this was it! I felt validated, understood and loved.     Horses, alcohol, addicted to excitement and many injuries came next.  Not knowing it then, but not a doubt today, God’s loving protection spanned decades.  He protected many others in my path of extreme craziness, as well.  Did I know there was a loving God keeping that Stallion from killing me and only landing on my leg? Or when I was speeding on a raining day and hydroplained into a brick wall as well as all of the other accidents I brought on myself. No, I didn’t know the One who continued to love and protect me when I neglected to myself? Have you ever reflected on all the times something could have happened, but didn’t? And those are only the times we are aware of.  What about the love freely given to us and received from our pets? That love can only come from the God of love who sacrificed His most precious Son Jesus so that we experience and share that love with others.

Read “Transformed” for more of my true story:)

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