Our Positive Reinforcement, Relationship Based Approach to Training and
Caring for Pets

Compassion, Trust, Clear Communication, Loving Leadership, and Respect = Results!

Compassion from genuine care and understanding of what pets need and desire (bonding with those they love, daily exercise, stimulation both mentally and physically, ongoing training and socialization at various levels throughout their lives, good nutrition, a safe and somewhat peaceful home environment). 

  • Trustworthy because it’s the right thing to do
  • Clear, consistent communication which enables pet families and their pups to easily learn behavioral changes. Having been a counselor and taught classes, it's important that everyone feels comfortable, including puppies, and understands.
  • Loving Leadership –Teach dogs what you want them to do and help them understand how to do it in an atmosphere of motivation and fun. Dogs are pack animals (family oriented) and instinctively need fair leadership in the home in order to feel secure and know their boundaries. Do you have a dog that jumps on everyone to say Hi? Training a polite greeting and being reinforced for it:)
  • Mutual respect is a gift that is watered long term in order to stay alive
  • Great results for all from appropriating the above


Puppies of all ages LOVE the personal attention, self confidence and numerous opportunities that are awarded a well trained dog. Operant Conditioning primarily includes positive reinforcement and if need be, small amounts of punishment, the same way Momma  treats her pups.

We are so excited about our new comprehensive, positive reward and Science based "Puppy Program" and how it and the private dog training sessions will help shape the lives of numerous pups, including yours. By satisfying puppies' developmental needs with fun enhancement opportunities vital to developing young, hungry brains (and tummies), implementing calming management techniques,  appropriate mouthing/teething support (not our hands and arms!), potty training, obedience fundamentals and socialization ideas, even before fully vaccinated, you are giving your precious puppy a firm foundation in which to flourish. PLEASE do not wait to socialize your pup until fully vaccinated and I encourage you to read about this at the American Veterinarian Association website.  Learning how to safely socialize your young puppy to textures, sounds, other pets, people, places, car rides, heights etc., in conjunction with the proper kind of personal training, will aleviate many behavioral problems seen in adult dogs today.  By allowing puppies to learn obedience basics in playful ways and be motivated to continue learning and growing into well balance and happy dogs that adore you, if every puppy owners dream.

If you rescued, recently acquired or are just fed up and you are looking for serious help regarding obedience and behavioral issues, read on.  Does your dog seem to ignore you, run the opposite way when asked to "come",  show signs of reactivity towards people, dogs, cars - any moving thing, and barks, lunges, is air nipping, or even default to more dangerous aggressive symptoms?  I understand and have probably been there with my own dogs in the past, as well as successfully trained many with similar behavioral problems. If you could talk to some of my dog owners who once felt helpless, even tried other trainers to no avail,  you would feel hope. Sometimes I set it up for new clients to talk to my other clients who have gone through similar struggles and are now on the other side.  It is HUGE to have a dog who is unhappy, not knowing how else to respond, not to mention being a distraught and embarrassed dog owner, possibly with feelings of being a failure as a pet parent, or at least in this area. This, plus seeing so many other distraught owners and dogs in similar situations brought me to my knees.  Praying and asking God for wisdom and direction in this area,  I was led and continue to be led into specialized training for aggressive dogs with a passion to keep them from being put into a pound or worse.  Yes, I'm privileged to come along side dogs and the people who love them, during all life stages and be an instrument of well deserved change. Expect a miracle!  Put in the time and resources it takes. Be an active partner in learning, loving, setting boundaries, even when it is hard, and your pooch, family and friends will be forever grateful!


Dogs are not meant to stay in a backyard, no matter how nice it seems to us, or inside a house hour upon hour, bored and sometimes becoming depressed, overweight, experiencing joint and other health issues partially or fully because of a sedentary lifestyle. This does not just mean physical exercise, although very important, but mental and emotional stimulation.  How many Huskies, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and other working breeds are acting out because they are not getting their inherent natural needs met. Terriers were originally bred to hunt small rodents,  Aussies to herd, Sighthounds to hunt primarily by sight and speed. Most, even cute little Pugs, love and need their exercise and stimulation.  Dogs' crave their walks, not only for the sheer joy of an active lifestyle, being with those they care about, experiencing the natural enjoyment of being out and active, but they also find out “Who’s Who in the Neighborhood” (by smelling other dog’s scents they acquire information about their neighbors – age, sex, breed etc). We call our dog walking service “attentive” because it is just that...Mike pays attention to how your pup is feeling and if anything is out of the ordinary with him/her, as well as their living environment, you are the first to know.


According to most dogs, "Doggie Adventures" as I tenderly call them, are one step above dog walks. Our group fun times are for students who are currently training with me or have finished a training package. This way all dogs are safe and attentive, or somewhat,Ha Ha (as they are racing around) and I call the whole group to come, sit, stay, then the beloved word "OK"!!! and off they go again:)  The pups have a blast and stay in shape while strengthening their social skills and enjoying some training refreshers! Our group outings are held in clients’ spacious big backyards as well as other safe areas (not dog parks because of unpredictability - I have trained several dogs who because the other park dogs did not read or respect their warning signals, escalated from a stiffening, to a growl to a full blown bite in order to keep "the wild ones" away. Then these same dogs can become reactive to all dogs out of fear). This is another reason I am all of the pups' advocate and if any get overly excited, I remind them of some impulse control activities like sit/stay, until they calm down and are again ready for more fun:)


All pets from Rabbits to Hamsters, dogs to cats, fish to birds, depend on us to care and nourish their emotional, physical and mental needs.  Thank you for loving your pets the way that only you can! Finding the caring and trustworthy pet support is huge and we sure understand. Please book all trainings, walks and pet services in advance because we do fill up!