Our Approach to Training and Caring for Pets

Compassion, Trust, Clear Communication, Loving Leadership, and Respect = Results!

Compassion from genuine care and understanding of what pets need and desire (bonding with those they love, daily exercise, stimulation both mentally and physically, ongoing training and socialization at various levels throughout their lives, good nutrition, a safe and somewhat peaceful home environment)

  • Trustworthy because it’s the right thing to do
  • Clear, consistent communication enabling pets to better understand a foreign language
  • Loving Leadership – dogs are pack animals (family oriented) and instinctively need fair leadership in the home in order to feel secure and know their boundaries
  • Mutual respect is a gift that is watered long term in order to stay alive
  • Great results for all from appropriating the above


Brings a deeper understanding of Canine learning styles, the reasons puppies and dogs act out, how to motivate your puppy/dog to enjoy the learning process, all within the environment of healthy boundaries and realistic, individual training goals


Dogs crave their walks not only for the sheer joy of an active lifestyle, being with those they care about, stress reduction and longevity, but they also find out “Who’s Who in the Neighborhood” (by smelling other dog’s scents they acquire information about their neighbors – age, sex, breed etc). We call our dog walking service “attentive” because it is just that…we pay attention to how your pup is feeling and if anything is out of the ordinary with him/her as well as their living environment


Dog’s have a blast and stay in shape while strengthening their social skills and enjoying some training refreshers! Our group outings are held in clients’ spacious big backyards as well as other safe areas (not dog parks because of unpredictability)


We also pamper Kitties and other domestic pets

P.S. Kitties are the boss!!! Ha Ha