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Dog Training/Groups/Walking Available in
Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, San Pedro, Lomita & surrounding areas

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​We truly care about people and their beloved pets
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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training: New A+ Puppy Program! Accomplished Obedience, Behavioral & Reactivity Support

Puppy/Dog Training Packages ($125 - $150 per “package session”) & Individual Sessions; Private, Group & Socialization Training

Group Socialization "Doggy Adventures" for Current & Previously Trained Pups

$40 - $50; Pick Up - Drop Off Possibilities

30+ Years Of Online Dog Training Consultations

TBD Contingent On Support Duration

Experienced & Reliable Dog Walking Packages / Pet Sitting Services

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*All trainings include email support/critiquing your videos at no additional cost

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*Some rates may vary

*Daytime hours kept (normally)

*Payments accepted: Online Banking, Checks, Money Orders and even Cash!

*Cancellations: Please provide 48 hour minimum

*No Boarding available

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