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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training: New A+ Puppy Program! Accomplished Obedience, Behavioral & Reactivity Support

Puppy/Dog Training Packages (Approximately $150 per “package session”). Puppy and Dog Training Lessons; Small Group & Socialization Training Determined On An Individual Bases

"Doggy Adventures" Group Socialization, With Obedience Review For Current & Previously Trained Pups

Socialization! Fun! Exercise! Training Review After Graduation! Anita's skillful eye consistently interacting and ensuring the pups have a great time! Pick up and drop off may be an option too.

Specialized Help For Fear Reactive & Aggressive Dogs

Most "Aggressive" Dogs Are Acting Out From a "Fear" Response. Have You Stopped Walking/Taking Your Dog Places Due To Fear, Embarrassement, Feeling Helpless? I Understand. Yet This Just Adds To Lack Of Healthy Enhancement & Exercise Activities, Possibly Increasing Your Dog's Reactive Responses.

Experienced & Reliable Dog Walking Packages / Pet Sitting Services

Our Pups Need To Get Out! Do You Want To Feel Secure With Who Is Walking & Taking Care Of Your Pets? Packages Available For Permanent Needs And 1/2 Hour "Attentive" Dog Walk $22-$25 and 45 Minute "Attentive" Dog Walk $28-$30 Please Fill In Contact Form With Detailed Requests

*All trainings include email support/critiquing your submitted videos at no additional cost


*Some rates may vary

*Daytime hours kept (normally)

*Payments accepted: Online Banking, Checks, Money Orders and even Cash!

*Cancellations: Please provide 48 hour minimum

*No Boarding available

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A close up of two dogs in the grass

Lisa G.

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA


Wow! Anita is amazing! I got a new pup this year and I took him to another trainer because my schedule didn't fit with Anita's at the time. Having finished a full session of training, I felt disappointed; though we did all our socialization homework, my pup still turned himself inside out on the leash when he saw a potential playmate, and didn’t have a reliable "come!"..... So, I rearranged my schedule and re started my pup with Anita. My boy now does his training both on and off leash among 8 other dogs! He can Come, sit, stay and heel both on and off leash even in the midst of play with the other dogs! After a wonderful morning's off leash hike and an evening’s perfect neighbor stroll, I just had to post this happy success story! Training with Anita is the way to have a great relationship of trust and success with your dog!

A white dog sitting in the grass with its tongue hanging out.

Carolina B.


Anita and her method of training is loving, compassionate, and kind. Our new puppy can't wait to see her when she comes to train. Anita has taught us how to train with consistency and patience. We are so happy with the results! We have a well-mannered, social and most importantly a safe dog who will come, sit, stay, heel and wait. Thanks to you, Anita!