It all started when my brother begged me to take on his two 9 month old puppies, one a German Shepard and the other, a Siberian Husky. They were totally out of control and not trained. Being the animal lover that I am, My husband and I decided to adopt the dogs and to take on the challenge. These huge puppies were wild, rambunctious, and defiant. The husky chewed up two of our couches, baby grand piano, amongst a host of various items in our home as well as destroyed our yard. We were at our wits end. I needed someone to train them and keep up with their energy. I found Anita's Loving Pet Services on the Internet. She and her husband, Mike are a God send to us. They trained our dogs; take them on walks and outings. They completely socialized our dogs. They pet sit and take care of our home when we are out of town. They are Christians and love the Lord. They are reliable, honest, and responsible. They treat your pets as if it was theirs. I would give my highest recommendation to Anita and Mike without any reservations. I am thankful that they are part of our lives.

Serena Y., RPV

Anita and Mike are the best. My dog loves them both. He waits by the door for them to come every morning. He is getting to be so much easier to handle. They are such good trainers and exercisers. I recommend them very highly.

Our two big Golden Retrievers wait by the front window for Anita to arrive because they love to spend time with her. When we first agreed to work with her, Anita worked patiently with us AND our dogs, teaching us to teach them to sit and stay and come and heel. And then she agreed to work with them on socialization...adding them to what I can only describe as her "pack." Several times a week she comes and loads Juno and Bailey in her car along with a dozen other local dogs (it's a good sized car), and takes them to an open area where they can chase balls and play with each other, and learn to come and stay and wait on command. She is firm and patient and loving with the dogs, providing hugs and treats along with instruction, and the dogs have a ball. Ours come home pooped and nap for a couple of hours. Anita has been a wonderful addition to our household, a friend to our dogs AND us. We recommend her highly.

Leanne and George Twidwell Portugeese Bend, RPV

Anita is an incredible dog trainer! My previously anti-social, stubborn Yorkie is a super star after just a few weeks! She can now be trusted off leash, and thinks this training thing is the most fun ever! All 8lbs of her attention is now focused on me, even in the midst of her 8 training buddies! No more inciting craziness, barking or ignoring me on our walks.. Anita is a clear, disciplined trainer who clearly loves, and is loved by all dogs! She's the best!

Lisa Gladstone, Portugeese Bend, RPV

Update!!! My dogs have just excelled walking with Mike. My malamute /husky was such a scared little girl when I got her. She is more trusting with meeting new people, she doesn't have a meltdown when we encounter bikes and she looks out the window waiting for Mike to come for their walk. I currently have a foster that Mike takes out and she is just happy as a clam. Your dogs will be more than thrilled with Anita & Mike.

Maureen, Torrance

"Dear Anita and Mike, Thank you for the amazing improvement in our dogs' behaviors. Puddy and Stella are so much better on a leash now. They interact with strangers better, too. Our two rescue dogs are finally cuddly because of your loving attention".

Peggy & Mort, Rancho Palos Verdes

"Dear Anita, I am writing this recommendation so you can use this for future clients as a reference of you character, wisdom and experience.

Anita is a truly ethical, honorable and delightful person to work with. She has been assisting me with my pets for over 3 years. I have also given her referrals when she is active in Real Estate. She is professional, always calls back and is very caring. She has a high level of experience with animals, can read them, know their behavior and is able to handle any emergency situation that arises. I highly recommend her to be on anyone's team. Thank you, and feel free to contact me."

Vicki Lombardi Shinn, Rolling Hills Estates

"Mike walks my two dogs, Spike and Dudley, five days a week and does an excellent job. Dudley is large and likes to be "in control." Mike has worked with Dudley and Dudley has greatly improved on his walks. When Mike has seen something "different" with the dogs, he lets me know so we can address the problem. For example, Spike was limping. Mike kept me informed how Spike was doing on his walks and would not take Spike if the limp had increased. He is able to walk both dogs at the same time, which is impossible for me! Since Mike has been walking the dogs 5 days a week, both are a lot calmer when I arrive home. Whatever he is doing, it WORKS!! I also see Mike walking other neighborhood dogs on the weekends. He is relaxed and in control of the dogs.

I would recommend Mike to anyone requesting a dog walker and pet sitter. He is awesome! (I think my dogs miss him on the weekends, even though they still get walked by us!)."

Erin Ortega, Torrance

"I found Anita quite by accident. She was working with two dogs in our neighborhood and I inquired about her services. My lucky day! She has been working with our babies, a 1 1/2 year old yellow lab, and a 2 year old rescue border collie for several months now. Although our dogs are very sweet, they had no manners and were out of control. With a firm but very loving touch, she has transformed our dogs into respectful and obedient dogs. At 70 years old, I can safely walk them with a loose leash without fear of being pulled. They know their basic commands and come when called. They both love being off leash but know their boundaries. What a blessing Anita has been for me and my husband...and, of course, the pups couldn't be happier. Anita just has that rare ability to connect with animals. I marvel at what she has done for our dogs."

Sallie, Portugeese Bend

Our simple prayer is:

Please use us as instruments of Your grace and love.
May we be forever faithful in using our God given time,
talents and treasures to make the lives of people and their pets better day by day.